Megan + Anthony

The pressure is still on when you’ve to photograph your friends wedding!

On the plus side we got to see every inch of the wedding day unfold from start to finish, all while trying not to miss one emotion!

I’ve known Anto since way back in the day. I can’t ever remember playing in a garden, as back then our playground was always the streets and the concrete that doesn’t burn. Ella and Megan, well they’ve got a lot in common, they’ve got themselves both cracking men.

So after Anto bullied me into photographing his wedding, we sat down to discuss the wedding plans. I knew we weren’t going to be taking photos in any gardens! Although the idea of a garden photo shoot did get mentioned, it was quickly shot down!

Instead we hit a busy little street in Carlow. It was an action packed shoot full of colour and concrete.

We turned heads, stopped traffic and dashed right back to the Talbot Hotel to get pissed up.

It all started to get blurry from here on in!!

Special moments for special people and we hope you enjoy looking back on your special day and the memories that will last a life time.

Just like the love you have for each other!



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  1. di is so so mooi….julle raak net elke dag blerrie “goed goeter goetste”
    laat my terug dink aan boetie se troue in strate

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