Documenting Life

creating breathtaking memories on your big day

Why we do Weddings…

 We do it simply because people want us to. They see something special in our work and they want that something special to be apart of their wedding day. We are actually just photographers and documenting life happens to be our passion. We photograph the lives of our own, our friends, family and the lives of strangers. It is not a job, nor a career, it is a lifestyle. We found our creative edge stuck with it and have been evolving with it ever since. With the hard work and dedication over the past few years, we can’t not produce beautiful images.  

How we do it

 We create stories, we create memories.

We are the image creators for the storytellers of the future and in years to come, our pictures will tell the love story of two people and their beautiful day.

We believe every picture is perfect and we work as a team to insure we capture it all.

From the time we arrive we are alert, scanning everybody, everything and every possibility. We are always a few minutes ahead of things in our minds, waiting for that true and authentic moment to come along.

We are a couple so you get the best of both worlds! Not only does this mean we don’t miss a trick, you get two very unique styles and the energy of both the male and female creatives.

How’s that for a little bit of ying with your yang.

We understand there is a time and place for everything, and while we all love the candid pictures. The formal pictures are just as important. We’d rather you didn’t dread this part of the day, but instead look forward to it. Our personalities will insure that the family group shots run smoothly and effectively. When it comes to the formal family shots, we don’t want to keep you away from the bar for to long! Enjoy the experience, you are in good hands. The banter will be mighty craic, you will love it.


Taking great pictures isn’t a claim uniquely to us, we are surrounded by great pictures daily. What makes us different is that we want to create a memorable experience for you and your guests, our professionalism and attention to detail will be a joy to watch. We want you telling people how amazing we are before you’ve even seen a single image.

And that’s how we do it.