Dean + Ella

we document pretty much everything!

We don’t like talking about ourselves, but I guess we kinda have to…

We are a couple, we live in Ireland and we love documenting. We love it so much we do it every day. Some people call it work, for us, it’s just what we do.

We are both dreamers, open hearted free thinkers. We love chasing the sun, barefoot if possible… we enjoy life and all the little mystics, mysteries and challenges that goes with it.

We both come from two totally different ”worlds”. Dean – Ireland and Ella – Namibia, both very different places but we share the same heart and vision. It is fascinating how small and big the world can be for two people, from two different continents. We met, we fell in love and we love to travel the world.

“Our mission is to create beautiful images that will inspire you”


Passionate, self thought, a dreamer.

Creating an experience, capturing memories.

I thrive on dedication.

Trying to turn a negative into a positive isn’t impossible,

it’s just exhausting.

Document everything.


I am a listener
a deep thinker!
I love emotion,
I think I have too much at times…
Controllably uncontrollable,
doesn’t really make sense?
nor do I most of the time!!
Vintage-china, film and film cameras, salmon, soya sauce and essential oils gets me excited! Amongst too many other things to list…!
Oh, and the lines on people’s palms!
I am always looking, searching, reading, learning!
I have refused to be any one particular thing or somebody! I do what I love, my passion carries me and that is why my spirit is untamable.


Love Travel


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